Two Pac-12 teams have gone undefeated since 1978; could Utah be next?

Could Utah become Pac-12's next undefeated team?
Jeffrey Swinger/Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not exactly an easy task to win every game, but so far Utah has done exactly that. Could the hot streak continue all season?

According to, two Pac-12 teams have gone undefeated since 1978 (when the Pac-8 became the Pac-10). The list stops and ends with the ’04 USC Trojans and the ’91 Washington Huskies. Oregon went 12-0 during the regular season in 2010, but fell to Auburn in the 2011 National Championship. 

"Will Utah go undefeated?" writes’s Josh Furlong. "The chances are slim, but never doubt a program with a true team mentality and desire to make its mark on its newfound conference."

The report mentions ESPN gives Utah a 28.6 percent chance of winning the conference and a 2.9 percent chance of winning out. 


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