Britain Covey wears ‘comfortable’ bear claw shoes, quotes Jack Handey

Utah freshman Britain Covey wears bearclaw shoes
Russell Isabella/Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah freshman Britain Covey has been one of the most exciting players in the country, quickly becoming one of the biggest playmakers in the country.

Covey has received 4 TD's and 29 receptions for 345 yards through seven games. He averages 49.3 yards per game in the air. He's also recorded 221 yards punt return yards, including a TD, and has provided a necessary spark to the Utah offense and special teams production. 

According to, Furlong also wears bear claw shoes. 

“Those are so comfortable. I'm serious,” explained Covey. “People call me weird, but once they try them. I got them in West Yellowstone and they're so comfortable. 

“Before you criticize me, walk a mile in my shoes and then when you do criticize me, you'll be a mile away and you'll have my shoes. That's a quote from Jack Handey.”

Extra points to the Utah freshman for his reference to the '90s Saturday Night Live humorist.


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