WATCH: Utah throws ill-advised forward pass on kick return, allows safety

Utah attempted a head-scratcher vs. Arizona State on Saturday. Fortunately, it didn't cost the Utes the victory.

Russell Isabella/Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah, leading 14-13 over Arizona State on Saturday night, was in a position to add to its lead on a kick return. Instead, a head-scratcher of a play cost the Utes their lead.

On a botched kick return in the third quarter, which looked like it started off as a trick play, Utah’s freshman kick returner Britain Covey threw a forward pass into the end zone. According to the referees, that’s a safety in college football. 

The weird play gave Arizona State the lead, 15-14, and put the ball back in the hands of the Sun Devils.

Utah’s blunder became even stranger when the referee signaled something totally not the call for a safety.  

(h/t ESPN)

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