USC commit jumps line and kicks ball off tee for insane TD play

The Army All-American Bowl had its biggest highlight of the day thanks to new USC Trojans commit Bubba Bolden.

After being recruited by Ohio State, the four-star defensive back surprised the college football world by committing to the Trojans on Saturday, and if his play in today’s game is indication of things to come, he’s going to be a head-scratch-worthy level athlete for USC.

Because, somehow, Bolden managed to kick his way to a touchdown. The new Trojans commit lined up to block an East All-American team field-goal attempt and managed to not only jump the line without drawing an offsides penalty, but get to the ball before the opposing kicker.

The play ended in Bolden kicking the ball off the tee and scooping and scoring a touchdown for the West.

I’ve never seen this happen before, but it is amazing.

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