UCLA Football and the Three-Game Season

It is down to just three games for the UCLA Football team and every one of them counts, especially if they wish to go bowling.

There is an outside chance the UCLA Football team could go to a bowl game, despite this disastrous season.

That will be determined in their last three games. Think of it as a three-game season. Which is also sudden death. And does not guarantee a bowl game. It is like we are in some post-apocalyptic scenario as the Bruins fight for their lives. Only the Bruins are fighting for a post-season.

Oh the situations UCLA Football puts themselves in.

The Bruins are 3-6 with three games remaking against Oregon State, USC and Cal.

The Bruins are being predicted to beat OSU (though that does not guarantee a win). If UCLA can limit mistakes, pick apart the Beaver secodary and keep the UCLA defense off the field, this should be a win.

USC will be a tough game, as always, but taking the rivalry out of it, the Trojans are in a way better place than the Bruins. USC will be heavily favored in this game, but don’t count out UCLA against their crosstown rivals.

And then there is the final game of the season at California. Cal is having a down year as well, but that does not guarantee a victory. Though the Bruins are 23-20 at Memorial Stadium, since 2000, they are 1-7 in Berkeley. Tough, but not impossible.

So this is where the Bruins are. Win three or go home as one loss takes them out of bowl eligibility. If UCLA wants to turn things around, now is the time. Then maybe the heat will be turned down on Mora’s seat.

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