Tyler Ulis on West Virginia: We wanted to crush their spirit

Tyler Ulis and his Kentucky teammates didn't take kindly to West Virginia's Daxter Miles Jr. prediction leading up to the game.
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

By Steve DelVecchio

Kentucky completely embarrassed West Virginia in the Sweet 16 on Thursday night, and that’s exactly what freshman guard Tyler Unis says the Wildcats set out to do.

As you have likely heard, West Virginia’s Daxter Miles Jr. has been taking all kinds of verbal abuse from fans after he predicted the Mountaineers were going to ruin Kentucky’s undefeated season. After Kentucky’s 78-39 win, Unis made it clear his team used Miles’ overconfidence as bulletin board material.

“They should have kept their mouth shut and it might not have been like that,” Unis told reporters, per Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio. “Our whole plan was to crush their spirit — beat ‘em by 50 for disrespecting us.”

Kentucky “only” won by 39, but the message was clear.

Miles is a trooper for even leaving his Twitter account active. Some of the stuff that was written about him on Thursday night was downright nasty, and I’m sure it didn’t get any better overnight.

Kentucky’s future opponents have surely taken note.

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