Tulane coach comes up with adorable punishment for scuffling players

Tulane head coach Curtis Johnson came up with a surefire way of getting two scuffling players to get along during practice.

After Green Wave players Sean Donnelly and Tanzel Smart got into an altercation during Wednesday’s practice, Curtis didn’t make them run laps or do a bunch of push-ups.

He made them hold hands and walk around the field. For 20 minutes.

Just take a look at this darling image: 

Johnson told the Times-Picayune that the players "want to act like kindergarten kids, then I just want to treat them like kindergarten kids."

"We had a little bit of an altercation and they kind of wasted some of my practice time so I took a different approach in disciplining them," he said. 

Johnson said he had never used the punishment before in practice, but had done so with his daughters.

"It was pretty effective. (They walked) actually until the coaches needed them so it was about 20 minutes. … I pointed it out to the rest of the team. If they as grown men want to hold hands, that’s fine, that’s what you are going to do if you fight."