Top 5 Texas Football Non-Conference Dream Opponents

Texas Football Non-Conference Dream Games Series – Week 1/6

Texas Football has an impressive slate of non-conference games in future years. It starts with a home-and-home series with USC the next two seasons, followed by LSU, Ohio State, and Michigan.

Texas just completed a home-and-home with Notre Dame, which included an epic double overtime win over the Irish to start the 2016 season.

There are plenty more big-time college football opponents who Texas fans want to see come to DKR Memorial Stadium in Austin or watch play in a road environment. So, let’s dive into the list.

Week 1 – Texas Football Dream Non-Conference Games

In the first part of our series on non-conference opponents, we will look at the Top 5 Dream Matchups for Longhorns Football.

The list will exclude teams on the Future Schedule, like LSU, or who Texas recently played, like Notre Dame. We also saved some juicy matchups for other categories. Let the dreaming begin…

(1) Alabama Crimson Tide. There is some overlap with another part of our series – “One Loss to Avenge” games. Texas last played Alabama in the 2010 BCS Title game when Bama took down the Horns to win the 2009 National Title. It was Alabama’s first-ever win against Texas.

Texas holds a 7-1-1 record against Alabama. Almost all of the games have been bowl games, including the 1965 Orange Bowl when #5 Texas beat #1 Alabama.

But, did you know that Texas and Alabama played in Austin and Tuscaloosa about 100 years ago? Texas beat Bama in Austin in October 1922 and November 1915. Texas also won in Tuscaloosa in November 1902 in the first-ever meeting.

It’s time for the two powerhouse football teams to meet again in what should be an epic home-and-home series.

(2) Florida Gators. The Longhorns and Gators simply need to play each other in football. In high school football, there is the Big Three Powers of Texas, Florida, and California. The Longhorns, as an extension of high school football in the state, have played California schools plenty of times. It’s time to head to the East Coast for a matchup against the Gators.

Texas and Florida nearly faced off in the 2009 and 2010 National Title games. In the 2008-09 season, Oklahoma got the nod over Texas to play Florida because of the Big 12’s tiebreakers. In the 2009-2010 season, Alabama beat Florida in the SEC Title game to face Texas. We never saw that epic showdown between Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow.

The last time Texas and Florida hooked up was a home-and-home series in 1939 and 1940. The Longhorns beat the Gators in Austin in September 1939, then won in Gainesville to close the 1940 season. The only other meeting was a tie in Austin in October 1924. Overall, Texas is 2-0-1 against Florida.

(3) Tennessee Volunteers. Sticking to the SEC theme, it’s time to decide who the real UT is.

Interestingly, Texas and Tennessee have never played in each other’s stadium. The two orange-colored schools have only met three times – all at the Cotton Bowl.

Texas won the 1969 and 1953 Cotton Bowl games over Tennessee, while the Volunteers claimed the 1951 Cotton Bowl in their first-ever matchup.

It’s time to settle the ongoing debate between the similar schools, so Texas and Tennessee need to meet in Austin and Knoxville for the first time.

(4) Penn St. Nittany Lions. Now that Penn State Football is back on the map, a home-and-home series with the Horns sounds very enticing.

The Longhorns and Lions have an interesting history. They last met in the 1997 Fiesta Bowl when the Lions dismantled Texas after their shocking Big 12 Title win over Nebraska. That was the beginning of the end for head coach John Mackovic.

Prior to the Fiesta Bowl, the Longhorns scored a rare and epic victory in Happy Valley to start the 1990 season. This was after Penn St. won in Austin during the 1989 season.

The two teams also met in a neutral site game in 1984 when the Horns traveled to New Jersey to beat the Lions 28-3. This was 12 years after their first-ever matchup when Penn St. blew out the Horns in the 1972 Cotton Bowl. Overall, the Horns are 2-3 all-time against the Lions, and they have only played once in Austin.

(5) Wisconsin Badgers. This is a really interesting matchup because of how the teams envision themselves. The Horns and Badgers want to be thought of as tough, physical, hard-nosed football teams. But, because of geography, they’ve only played one time. In 1939.

Texas traveled to Madison in October 1939 to win a close game 17-7. Interestingly, this was the week after Texas beat Florida to open the 1939 season. It’s been too long, so it’s time for Texas and Wisconsin to mix it up on the football field again.


You might be wondering why Clemson and Florida State are not on the list of dream matchups. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about them next week in the second installment of the series – the “Never, Ever Played” List.

There are some enticing matchups between Texas Football and other college football powerhouses that should be played for the first time. Naturally, National champion Clemson and another Florida school, Florida St., top the list.

Check back next Thursday for a new list of teams in the Texas Football Non-Conference Dream Matchup Series.

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