Toomer’s Corner crazy as ever after Auburn wins Iron Bowl

Somewhere in America the weird Alabama fan, Harvey Updyke Jr., who poisoned the Toomer’s Corner oak trees, is cringing. Not just because the Crimson Tide had its perfect season ruined, but because the damage Updyke did to his rival’s sacred spot didn’t stop Auburn fans from decorating the place with their traditional toilet paper rolling after the Tigers shocked the college football world by beating No. 1 Alabama, 34-28.

Updyke’s cruel prank that will cost him almost $800,000 in fines was not worth it, to say the least. If anything, that prank made this win matter that much more. The Auburn fans were partying like they haven’t done in years. Check out these pictures.

Fans of all ages were celebrating their Tigers’ victory. This video sums up the New Year’s Eve-like celebration.

After the 49-0 beating that Alabama gave Auburn last year, this victory was needed in the worst way for the fans and the city. From the looks of things, it doesn’t look like anyone on either side will be living down the 2013 Iron Bowl.