Tinder Top 25: Most right-swiped college football teams

Touchdown Tinder! With the college football season officially underway, it’s time to uncover the rankings everyone really wants to know: The Top 25 most right-swiped college football teams.

The stadium lights hadn’t even begun to cool at the end of last college football season before analysts began creating rankings lists. But while that was going on, people were swiping right on Tinder–an application self-described as “… how people meet…”–and unknowingly aggregating data for the best rankings list yet.

The Touchdown Tinder ranking has credibility on college campuses because 85 percent of Tinder users are between the ages of 18-34. And in a WayUp survey of 200 college students, 73 percent named Tinder as their favorite dating app, which could be a big reason why the app added a field to its profiles in 2015 where users had the option to note their education, or where they attend/attended college.

The app has been notorious for being much more than dating and casual meet-ups, which is likely why we’re so intrigued as to how its college football rankings measure up to the Associated Press.

Here are the lists:

AP Top 25: 

1.       Alabama

2.        Clemson

3.       Oklahoma

4.        Florida State

5.        LSU

6.       Ohio State

7.       Michigan

8.       Stanford

9.       Tennessee

10.   Notre Dame

11.   Ole Miss

12.   Michigan State

13.   TCU

14.   Washington

15.    Houston

16.   UCLA

17.   Iowa

18.   Georgia

19.   Louisville

20.   USC

21.   Oklahoma State

22.   North Carolina

23.   Baylor

24.   University of Oregon

25.   Florida

AP Top 25 On Tinder: 

1.       *Florida State

2.       *Ohio State

3.      * Michigan State

4.       *Florida

5.       *UCLA

6.       *Michigan

7.       *USC

8.       *Washington

9.       *Alabama

10.   *North Carolina

11.   *Georgia

12.   *Oregon

13.   *Iowa

14.   *Houston

15.   *Clemson

16.   *Tennessee

17.   *Oklahoma State

18.   *Stanford

19.   *Louisville

20.   *Baylor

21.   *Oklahoma

22.   *Notre Dame

23.   *Ole Miss

24.   *TCU

25.   *LSU

For those making mental notes of the asterisks, the Tinder Top-25 is a complete flush of the AP Top-25. Florida State ranked in the Top 5 on both lists, but LSU had the biggest contrast on the list, as it ranks No. 5 in the AP, but came in at No. 25 on Tinder.

So what we learned today, is that if you want to watch insanely talented football while swiping right on the most active Tinder campuses, look no further than the AP Top-25!

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