Tim Brando Calls Bama Fans Online “Vile”

Tim Brando says that Bama fans on Twitter are vile… probably because they disagree with him.

Look we all know that Tim Brando is a clown. He used to be a respected college football expert, but his tiny little purple and gold heart has been all torn up over the last few years. Brando didn’t go to LSU, but he lives for it.

Brando has made countless predictions about LSU vs Bama and the end of Saban over the years. He’s always first on the Saban is leaving bandwagon and he’s always ready to claim that Bama is dead after a loss.

It would be one thing if Tim Brando could take some banter. Say what you want about Danny Kanell, but he can take it as well as he dishes it out online, you have to respect that.

You’ll never find a more sensitive little soul online than poor Timmy. There’s a reason that it’s become a joke online to talk about being blocked by Tim Brando. That’s because Tim Brando blocks everyone who disagrees with him online. You know that crazy uncle that post rants on Facebook and gets furious about everything? That’s basically Time Brando’s twitter feed.

Brando usual preferences these blocks with something about how many years he’s been doing this or some version of “don’t you know who I am.” I’m particularly fond of Brando telling people to “read a book” myself.

So tonight after a big Alabama win he was of course he was in rare form.

Well, if realizing that Tim Brando is just another angry swamp person mad about Nick Saban makes me vile, I guess I am. Brando is like all LSU homers, if Nick Saban coaches at Bama until he’s 100 and dies in his office, the next day LSU fans will be screaming “WE TOLD YOU HE WAS GOING TO LEAVE!”

Oh Tim Brando, knowing that Alabama’s success eats away at your sanity just makes it all more delicious. I’m sure next year is LSU and Ole Miss’ year though, you just keep that block button lit.

Oh, and if you talk to Timmy tell him I said hello, he blocked me years ago.

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