Three Things To Watch As LSU Plays Florida

Believe it or not, the Florida-LSU game is finally going to be played tomorrow in Baton Rouge. After the original date was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew, the teams were close to not reaching an agreement on a new date.

But, here we are, and the two schools are set to take the field Saturday. Florida is playing for an SEC Championship appearance, and LSU is looking to secure their spot as the conference’s representative in the Sugar Bowl. With all that has happened with both of these teams this season, there are a lot of storylines to look out for. Here are the three biggest things to watch for as the Gators visit the Tigers. 

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Ed Orgeron’s Candidacy

When Coach O was named interim head coach of the Tigers after Les Miles was fired, not many people thought he would be a serious candidate for the job long-term. He was considered to be a fill-in for the remainder of the season until LSU could conduct a thorough offseason search involving some of the biggest names in the game.

Now, here we are a few weeks later, and Orgeron is considered the favorite among most to win the job. The team is 4-1 since he took over, winning three conference games in that span. He has proven to be a great leader, and the way he has been able to turn around a bad season has been amazing.

As the season comes to a close, Ed Orgeron is making his final auditions as head coach of the LSU Tigers. He will likely need to win the rest of the games on the regular season schedule and the team’s bowl game if he is to be named to the position. That starts this week, as the Tigers take on the Gators. 

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Leonard Fournette’s Potential Final Home Game

From the day Leonard Fournette first lined up in the LSU backfield, we all knew that one day he would be NFL-bound. That time seems to have quickly caught up with us, because here we are, just a few weeks from the star tailback likely declaring for the NFL Draft.

Fournette has not confirmed any intention to go pro after the season, but you’d have to be a fool to expect him to come back for his senior year. Number seven is one of the best prospects to come along at the position in quite some time, and he will likely hear his name called in the top-ten come draft night.

Assuming that is indeed how things play out, Saturday’s game will be the last Leonard Fournette ever plays in Tiger Stadium. Make sure you enjoy it, folks, because before long his purple-and-gold days will be over. 

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Do We See Leonard Fournette Get Extra Rest?

As I said in my last point, Leonard Fournette’s LSU career is likely going to be a thing of the past in just a matter of weeks. The star running back has dominated the competition and been the undisputed best player in college football at his position, and he’s about to get paid quite a bit of money to do the same thing at the next level.

For much of this season, Fournette has dealt with a nagging ankle injury. With a new coach getting adjusted and the team in the playoff hunt for much of the year, number seven has refused to take a reduced snap count in the interest of the NFL. Fournette has never been a selfish player, so getting special treatment from coaches just because of his status as an NFL prospect is never something he’s been willing to let happen.

But with just two games left in the season, no chance at the playoffs or conference title, and an ankle that still isn’t 100%, will we see Leonard Fournette get extra rest today? With all that is on the line for him and the very real chance of messing up that ankle again, I think it’s a very real possibility.

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