The Real Reason Ohio State Lost To Clemson

Ohio State coaches and players have a simple explanation for why they lost to Clemson, they didn’t want to have to play Alabama.

Ohio State didn’t show up to play Clemson and it shocked the nation. But there’s a very simple explanation for why Ohio State lost to Clemson 31-0, they didn’t want Bama.

“Well we saw Alabama beat Washington and decided that maybe Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey were right about sitting out the postseason” explained an Ohio State player. “If they can sit out to avoid injury so can we, and have you seen Alabama’s defense? I don’t want to get hurt” the OSU star added.

“Did you see what those guys did to Michigan State last year? We lost to Penn State for crying out loud!” exclaimed another Buckeye. “We felt it was better to basically just sit this one out.”

“You know before the game started I just got this overwhelming urge to spend time with my family” said Urban Meyer. “Also I’ve got a pain in my chest and my arm is tingling, playing Alabama isn’t worth risking your health or time with your family.” Urban then asked if anyone was going to see one of the ESPN guys later and would we pass along his resume.

“I’m not scared of Alabama, but then again I was built by Alabama and so am made of tougher stuff than these Big 10 fellas” said Dabo Swinney.

So there you have it folks, the reason Ohio State lost to Clemson is that they didn’t want to have to play Alabama.

Obviously this article is satire. I’m sure Ohio State did their very best in the game against Clemson, they are just a terrible football team and got their butts handed to them and shouldn’t have been in the playoff.

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