The Bama Hammer Podcast featuring Cecil Hurt

Cecil Hurt is a long time sports editor and main columnist of The Tuscaloosa News and

Former Arkansas State quarterback Micah Sutton, Bama Hammer contributor Wesley Gullett, and Bama Hammer contributor Mike McCrary bring you the Bama Hammer Podcast with special guest Cecil Hurt.

Cecil Hurt is a long time sports editor and main columnist of The Tuscaloosa News and


0:30 – Did the College Football Playoff committee make the correct selections for the top four?

2:30 – Are we on the way to an eight team playoff and would it eventually be a good idea?

3:45 – What is the latest on the Cooper Bateman transfer situation and will he stick around for the playoffs?

5:00 – What is the latest on the Lane Kiffin coaching situation and do you believe that he plans to stay throughout the playoffs?

5:45 – If Lane Kiffin does leave, is the natural move to slide Steve Sarkisian directly into his spot?

6:15 – If Lane gets the Houston job, Houston has a history of letting their new coach finish out his season.

7:00 – Where does this current Alabama run rank in the history of college football?

10:00 – The response to those in the media that have claimed that Alabama hasn’t played anyone worth noting on their schedule.

14:00 – Are certain media members told to play devils advocate when it comes to Alabama and the SEC?

16:00 – Cecil Hurt’s take on Jalen Hurts’ season and ceiling going forward, and will Alabama fans ever be universally happy with any quarterback?

18:20 – Cecil Hurt outro

18:40 – Can Jalen Hurts make same jump between the end of the regular season and the post season that AJ McCarron made in 2011?

21:00 – Scheduling in advance, how things are looked at differently at the beginning of the season opposed to the end of the season, and the college football playoff selections.

25:30 – Wesley, Mike, and Micah recap the SEC Championship game against the Florida Gators

31:45 – Alabama’s defensive performance in the SEC Championship game.

34:30 – Rahsaan Evans performance in the SEC Championship game after replacing injured linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton

35:50 – James Franklin’s rise and how he handled the playoff situation

39:00 – The Heisman finalists. Who deserves to be in New York and who doesn’t?

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