Texas politician seeks investigation into Baylor football scandal

Getty Images/Peter G. Aiken

A Texas State Rep. has filed a house resolution asking Gov. Greg Abbott to begin an investigation by the Texas Rangers into the activities of the Baylor administration and campus police in response to the school’s sexual assault issues.

  1. “Baylor University has resisted all efforts to provide the public with information which would reveal the conduct of senior administrators, and instead attempted to put the blame entirely on football coaches,” the resolution reads. “Baylor’s Police Department operated under authority of Texas statutes, yet Baylor University has successfully claimed it is not subject to the same Freedom of Information Requests that apply to local police departments. Although Baylor coaches certainly deserve blame, they are not solely responsible for the over 125+ female students that were wrongfully treated.” 

On Monday, Feb. 27, Rep. Roland Gutierrez will hold a press conference in the Speaker’s Committee Room and is expected to deliver a letter to Gov. Abbott detailing his concerns and outlining his call to action.

The Baylor sexual assault scandal rocked the school and led to the ouster of school president Ken Starr, AD Ian McCaw and football coach Art Briles. Their departures came in the wake of an investigation that Baylor had commissioned by the Philadelphia law firm Pepper Hamilton to assess the school’s handling of sexual violence complaints by students including BU football players.