The Audible: Texas AD Steve Patterson is destroying the culture at UT

Last week, Texas insider Chip Brown of was a guest on The Audible to discuss the realignment chaos of 2010 and all things UT.

On the podcast with Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel, Chip was asked about Texas AD Steve Patterson and the perception that he’s rubbing many folks around the university the wrong way.

Well, the following day Chip published this extensive piece detailing just how much Patterson has alienated himself at Texas, turning many loyal Longhorn supporters against him.

It details extreme ego, greed and pettiness, which have combined to quickly deconstruct the culture that Texas faculty, coaches, players and boosters have always held dear. From being less than forthcoming about financials with boosters and faculty to downright dishonest in communication with some athletic department employees, Patterson comes across as cold, cunning and completely devoid of personal touch.

In The Audible outtake embedded at the top of this post, Bruce and Stewart comment on Chip’s report and the wildness that’s going on inside the Texas athletic department. For a full understanding, we encourage you to read Chip’s story.

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