Texas WR Marcus Johnson: ‘This is the turning point’

Texas senior wide receiver Marcus Johnson believes the Longhorns are ready to turn the corner.
Soobum Im/Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Despite getting off to a 1-3 start, the Texas Longhorns aren’t getting down. Just the opposite, they seem to sense the program is finally headed in a positive direction as the Longhorns prepare to take on No. 4 TCU on Saturday in Fort Worth.

Now just 7-10 in coach Charlie Strong’s first two seasons, the Longhorns have suffered consecutive gut-wrenching defeats. But it appears the team has not allowed them to become soul-crushing defeats.

Senior wide receiver Marcus Johnson believes the best is yet to come. In an interview with Quixem Ramirez of the Austin American-Statesman, Johnson said, "It’s definitely too early to give up. We’ve worked too hard to take a step back."

Asked if he feels the team has been unlucky in their last two defeats, Johnson said: "You can say that, but then again, from a player’s perspective you have to understand that they call it luck when you just watch the game. As the little details go through, it’s just execution."

Although extremely premature, the story line that Strong is or will soon be be on the hot seat continues to percolate. Johnson told Ramirez that Strong likes what the team has accomplished the last couple weeks, and said it’s now on the players to make the plays to win games.

"He understands that we’re that close and we have a lot of talented players," Johnson said. "He loves what we’ve been doing these last two weeks. Although it may be one point there, three points there, he knows how close we may be. It’s also a players game. Taking a step back and the players getting together and understanding that at some point we have to make up our minds that those three point losses and those little things, we have to be able to stand and we need to make a difference. We just have to capitalize as players.

"We can’t let it get like last year, where you get halfway through the season and it just goes downhill. Taylor Doyle said it perfect: This is the turning point."

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