Jerrod Heard’s ready for a shootout at TCU, and that’s fine by him

Texas quarterback Jerrod Heard is ready for a shootout when Texas plays at No. 4 TCU on Saturday.
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

When Texas quarterback Jerrod Heard was leading his high school to multiple Texas state championships playing about 45 minutes from the site of Saturday’s Big 12 game at TCU, he was known for putting his team on his back and lighting up the scoreboard.

That’s exactly the kind of performance the redshirt freshman expects the Longhorns’ will need from him to even have a chance of knocking off the Horned Frogs in their own yard.

While the Frogs’ defense is as banged up as any unit in the nation, the offense is still putting up numbers like one of the nation’s most lethal units, scoring at least 52 points in each of the last three games.

"Definitely. I feel like I have full confidence in all of us,” Heard told reporters during Texas’ weekly media conference. “We can keep up and match it. I also have full confidence in our defense that we are going to make stops. Not saying that they are going to make all the stops because I know how good TCU’s offense is. But I feel like they’ll have great stops and give us good field position for us to score.” 

The Texas offense has certainly taken off since Heard was installed as the starter in Week 2. Even playing through illness last week against Oklahoma State, Heard had a solid game. And how he explained why he continued to play through some pretty extreme stomach pains, should excite Longhorns fans who have suffered through consecutive gut-crushing losses.

“That’s part of signing up at as the quarterback at the University of Texas,” Heard said. “You put yourself in the light like that. Even if you have a 102 fever or can’t stand up straight because your stomach hurts, you still have to play to your fullest extent.”

(h/t Horns Digest)