Texas WR Davis defends dirty hit

Texas wide receiver Mike Davis defended himself after he delivered a dirty-looking hit to the knee of Iowa State defensive back Deon Broomfield during the Longhorns’ 31-30 win in Ames.

Check out the play in GIF form below, courtesy of Deadspin.

Davis, who received a penalty, was lucky not to be ejected from the game for the hit, which happened after Longhorns running back Joe Bergeron scored a touchdown to give Texas a 24-20 third-quarter lead. This kind of hit has the potential to not only end someone’s season, but all also put their career in jeopardy.

But Davis defended the play, saying he just did what he was taught to do.











Brown defended him too.



Broomfield didn’t feel that way.



Iowa State got that call, but several others left Cyclones coach Paul Rhoads fuming and sparked an epic postgame rant.

”We’re the least-penalized team in the league coming into this game. There sure seemed to be a lot of hankies out there,” Rhoads said. ”I’m sure they made tremendous calls all night long.”