Texas Football: The Dream Games You Want To See

Introducing the Texas Football Dream Schedule Series

Texas Football has an impressive non-conference schedule in upcoming seasons. But, what if Texas could add some more dream games to their schedule?

The upcoming slate starts in 2017 with a trip to USC, followed by a home date with USC in 2018. Then, Texas has a home-and-home series with LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, and South Florida (the new home of Charlie Strong).

Texas just wrapped a series against Notre Dame that would have topped our list. And, the upcoming series against USC will stir the echoes of the epic 2006 Rose Bowl BCS Title game.

There are some other big games out there that will probably only happen in a bowl game. But, let’s dream a little about the Longhorns in some epic home-and-home showdowns.

Texas Football Dream Non-Conference Matchups

Over the next six weeks, we will look at the Best of the Best potential non-conference games for Texas. The list will not include teams on the Future Schedule, like USC, LSU, and Michigan. Or, teams that Texas recently played, like Notre Dame and UCLA.

Whether it’s visiting an opponent’s stadium for the first time, rekindling an old rivalry, a big school visiting DKR Memorial Stadium, or avenging a loss from the 1950s, there are plenty of games that will make you salivate.

We have broken down the dream non-conference games into six categories and we will publish a new list every Thursday.

The following is a preview of this six-part series and the #1 pick in each group to whet your appetite.

– Thursday, January 19: Top 5 Dream Home & Home Matchups

  • #1: Alabama

– Thursday, January 26: Top 5 Never, Ever Played Before

  • #1: Clemson

– Thursday, February 2: Top 5 “One Loss to Avenge” Games

  • #1: Georgia

– Thursday, February 9: Top 5 Tiebreaker Games

  • #1: Miami

– Thursday, February 16: Top 5 “Been A Long Time” Games

  • #1: Navy

– Thursday, February 23: Top 5 Texas Rivals Revisited

  • #1: Houston … or A&M?

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