Average Texas football player now worth more than $670,000 per year

If college players were compensated similarly to NFL players, Texas football players would receive the most money, according to a study completed by Business Insider. 

Estimates for each player were compiled by using data from the Department of Education. In the NFL, players get 47% of all revenue and for this study, each school's football revenue was split between the school and the athletes With 85 scholarship players on the roster, the player's shares were divided evenly among them.

This year's total estimate for Texas is higher than last year's $622,104. This year Texas is more than $130,000 ahead of Alabama's $536,485 average value per player.

Tennessee ($521,854), Michigan ($487,979) and Auburn ($479,634) round out the top five.

The NCAA Division I-A (FBS) average is $163,869.

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