Texas was robbed in the bizarre ending of its loss at Cal

Texas Longhorns coach coach Charlie Strong. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Cal running back Vic Enwere was cruising to the end zone for a game-sealing touchdown Saturday night in the Bears’ contest against No. 11 Texas.

All he had to do was cross the line and…

He dropped it.

Why does this keep happening?

Before Enwere crossed the goal line, he purposely dropped the ball, which allowed Texas to recover the fumble for a touchback with 1:21 remaining in a 50-43 game.

Texas was done, but was gifted new life.

The video review of the play rightfully took Enwere's touchdown off the board, but the referees determined that there was no “immediate” recovery. Cal, despite the fumble and clear Texas recovery in the end zone, retained possession at the Texas 1-yard line, where it took a knee and ended the game.

Rule 12 of the NCAA football rulebook has a clause that states:

“Immediate” is totally up for interpretation.

A wild idea for avoiding this kind of problem in the future: don’t allow guys to break free for touchdowns, and DON’T DROP THE BALL BEFORE YOU KNOW YOU’RE NINE YARDS INTO THE ENDZONE!

That said, you could make the case that Cal won the game because of the fumble. Next time he can just take a knee.