Texas A&M looking into alleged racial slurs aimed at high school students

Texas A&M is looking into reports of racial slurs aimed at a group of Dallas-area students who were on campus to view the school’s facilities.

Dallas Sen. Royce West and the university president condemned the alleged incident, which involved around 60 juniors from Uplift Hampton Preparatory (Redbird, Texas) on Tuesday. The group was allegedly approached by Texas A&M students, who referenced the Confederate flag and shouted slurs.

West said in a statement Thursday that a white woman approached two students from Uplift and asked them what they thought about her earrings, which displayed the Confederate flag. Uplift spokeswoman Sara Ortega added that another group of A&M students approached the high school juniors and hurled slurs and obscenities.

A Texas A&M tour guide said that the students were expressing their right to free speech, according to West and Ortega. The campus police department is conducting an investigation.

Uplift CEO Yasmin Bhatia released a statement regarding the incident.

"While we appreciate the swift response of the Texas A&M leadership, it is my hope that we broaden the conversation at colleges locally and across the country about increasing inclusion and cultural awareness programs so that all students can feel safe and welcome regardless of their ethnicity."

West said he was proud of how the Uplift students handled themselves.

"You have got to really applaud those kids who were there for being the more mature of the groups because if they had flown off the handle, then it’d be a bigger mess, needless to say," he said.