Sumlin responds to rumors surrounding his future with A&M

Sumlin isn't exactly buying into the hot seat talk.
Marvin Gentry/Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin has heard the rumors and understands the pressure he currently faces in College Station following the transfers of both Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray. But the Aggie coach recently had a message of his own for his two departed quarterbacks. 

“No one on our coaching staff is bigger than our team, and no one person is bigger than the team," Sumlin said. "We’ve got a number of really good players here who understand, ‘Hey, listen, guys come and go, what we want to do and what we try to accomplish is really band together in a team concept.’”

As for anyone attempting to run him out of a job this offseason, Sumlin isn’t concerned with that and understands that is completely out of his hands. He even questioned the validity of where that speculation originated. 

“I don’t deal with anything like that, good or bad," Sumlin said. "There are all kinds of reports that happen around me, or around the football program all of the time. I can tell you it doesn’t affect what we do, and doesn’t affect how we approach our job, and it doesn’t affect our players. 

"Where those reports come from, you have to pay attention to, who reports that kind of stuff. If you look into that, I think you’ll figure out what the motive is.”


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