Has Kevin Sumlin lost team’s trust after two-game skid?

Is Sumlin in danger of losing the team after the two game skid? Has it already happened?
Tony Gutierrez/AP

Kevin Sumlin took a stand following Texas A&M’s second consecutive 5-0 opening start. Sumlin vowed that this season would be different, this team would not fall apart as the 2014 Aggies had done, dropping its next three after the promising start. 

Two games later and things are looking all too familiar for Aggies and their fans. 

Making matters worse, CBS Houston is reporting Sumlin has lost the team’s trust and that the locker room is split on which quarterback should be playing. 

While sophomore quarterback Kyle Allen has had his two worst performances the last two weeks, freshman quarterback Kyler Murray is reportedly feuding with the coaching staff and was held out of practice this week as punishment. 

Murray made the trip and suited up in Oxford, however the coaching staff had no intentions of playing him as part of his ongoing punishment according to the report. The report also speculates that Sumlin had promised Murray playing time in order to pursue the quarterback to sign with the Aggies this offseason instead of with in-state rival Texas. 

When Sumlin closed the deal to sign five-star quarterback Kyler Murray, who legitimately changed his mind and was close to signing with the Texas Longhorns late in the recruiting process, he made Murray and his father, Kevin Murray, some kind of promise about playing time. Who knows exactly what that promise was, but multiple sources say promises were made.

Murray was yanked in the Alabama game after throwing an interception, he went full F-bomb on Spavital and his fate for the Ole Miss game was sealed. But the drama did not stop with the Aggie coaching staff deciding early last week not to play Murray in Oxford.

Players began taking sides in the locker-room more than ever, some believing Allen’s physical (shoulder) and mental struggles should have opened the door for Murray to get a legitimate chance to make the team his. Some players also believed Murray should have been left at home, rather than face the embarrassment of national television cameras focused on him any time Allen made a mistake. Then, the worst-case scenario happened. Allen wasn’t just bad. He was awful. And there was Murray, shamed on the sideline, for all the college football world to see.

(h/t CBS Houston)

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