Texas A&M Football: Mississippi State Press Conference

The Texas A&M football staff and players have some Halloween fun and talk about their next conference showdown with Mississippi State.

Connor McQueen, Trevor Knight, and Jake Hubenank have officially thrown their hat into the presidential race. Vote the Gig’Em Ticket!

Noel Mazzone

  • On how close the offense is to playing at their highest level: “All coaches say that right? … We’re always like that every week. I think every play I call should score a touchdown, and I’m a little bit disappointed when it doesn’t.”
  • On the atmosphere in the quarterback room: “Connor shows up yesterday at my quarterback meeting in a gingerbread outfit. They’re fun guys to be around even if you weren’t coaching them. They all get along great… They’re all very engaged in what we’re doing and very focused on the position and helping each other.”

John Chavis

  • On Nick Fitzgerald: “He’s a big guy that’s physical that you’re going to have to tackle… You got a guy like that that’s that big and physical to run the football then certainly you give it to him and let him run it, particularly in short yardage. You got to be ready. He’s got to be accounted for.”
  • On working in Coach Sumlin’s system: “He knows what he’s doing and certainly he’s put this team in a great situation. I couldn’t be more excited about working for anybody and I’ve had the opportunity to work for some hall of fame coaches in the past and I certainly think Coach Sumlin is that quality of a coach.”

Kevin Sumlin

  • On his thoughts about the college football playoff rankings: “All we can do is win the game in front of us. We have to worry about winning Saturday… and if we do that, and keep focused on that every week, there will be something good at the end, something really good.”
  • On Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald: “You’d better start preparing for all kinds of stuff, because he can spin and he can put it down and run it.”
  • On the quarterback’s bid for president: “They’re in a good place right now… It just tells you where our team is right now. You’ve got to have some levity…. There’s a time to be serious… but there’s also a time to enjoy life and enjoy your teammates”

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