Texas A&M Football: LSU Game Press Conference

The Texas A&M football team and coaches talked with the media before a Thanksgiving Day match up with the LSU Tigers at Kyle Field.


Kevin Sumlin

  • Importance of this game – “I think what’s important is that it’s senior night. For these guys its a very special night… To get to their last game on Kyle field can be emotional, particulary when it’s Thanksgiving.”
  • On playing on Thanksgiving – “Thanksgiving is about the three F’s: family, food and football. We’re real fortunate to be one of the teams that America gets to enjoy when they sit on the couch after dinner and I think that’s a big deal. It’s great exposure for our university. It’s great exposure for our program.”
  • On the possibility of Knight playing on Thursday – “He wants to play… His health and safety to me is what’s most important. Just because you want to do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. The prognosis I gave you a few weeks ago is still the prognosis.”

John Chavis

  • On having Myles Garrett back on the field – “Myles is a leader. He’s a quiet leader, but when he’s on the field his play speaks for itself… He’s healthier now than he’s been since the Arkansas game… I think he’s close to 100% and we’re excited about that.”
  • On LSU’s pair of running backs – “Both of them are special. They have great speed. They’re very explosive. They’re very physical… These guy’s don’t mind contact. They don’t mind running through you or over you and they’re capable of doing that.”
  • On Richard Moore seeing more playing time – “Richard’s a talented guy with great instincts. For two reason’s you’ve seen more of him – number one, he’s playing well when he’s gotten the opportunity, but it’s also keeping you from playing someone else 75 reps.”

Noel Mazzone

  • On Jake Hubenak playing through injuries – “In the Ole Miss game, Jake suffered an injury on his throwing shoulder… Basically, we practiced the whole week he does not throw a football. Basically the first football he threw was Saturday in pregame… It’s a tribute to the kid and how tough he is and him being a true Aggie.”
  • On the possibility of Nick Starkel seeing playing time – “Coach Sumlin is always going to do 100% what’s best for any of the players. Nick has got a real bright future in my estimation. He’s prepared the last two or three weeks to be there if we need him and he will again this week.”
  • On the LSU defense – “Very, very talented. Senior, Junior heavy defense. Athletic. Can run. Reminds me of about four or five of the other one’s we’ve played so far this year…It’ll be a great challenge for us.”

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