Texas A&M Football: Aggies to Hire New Strength Coach

After faltering down the stretch in each of its last three seasons, the Texas A&M football program will be moving on from strength coach Larry Jackson.

Although no statement has been released yet by Kevin Sumlin, an online job posting for a Head Strength Coach for Football would indicate that the Aggies are looking elsewhere.

A fan favorite when he was hired, Jackson played defensive end and linebacker at Texas A&M in the early ’90s. Hiring Aggies always seems to make people happy.

After repeated failures down the stretch it became apparent that something needed to change. There were only so many places to look. Jackson had followed Sumlin from the University of Houston in 2011. He and defensive line coach Terry Price were the only members of the coaching staff that remained from Sumlin’s first season at A&M.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on who the Aggies should target as a strength coach. It seems like whoever is doing that in Alabama seems to be doing pretty well though, perhaps we could find someone like him?

This hire is huge for Sumlin. The Southeastern Conference prides itself on physicality. If the Aggies intend to compete in the SEC they’re going to have to be able to take a hit and keep going.

The athleticism of the A&M football team hasn’t been questioned under Sumlin. The Aggies have repeatedly brought in top ranked recruiting classes, including several five star recruits. For all that talent, the killer instinct seems to be missing. Can the Aggies not finish because they don’t have the strength to do so?

Sumlin is running out of assistant to change. The head coach will have more questions to answer if the new strength coach doesn’t turn things around quickly. Here’s to hoping he does.

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