Tennessee considers itself the true ‘Wide Receiver U’

Is UT the new WR U?
Randy Sartin/Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

There are a plethora of proud college football programs ready to self-proclaim themselves as "the best" at something.

Often times, this revolves around a position group. A true barometer for this description includes the amount of professional players a college can churn out at a specific spot on the field. 

According to "VFL Films" production (the official Tennessee Athletics Broadcasting outlet), Tennessee has indeed earned the title as "Wide Receiver U" amongst its other peers. 

Is this self-distinction warranted? 

The Volunteers’ program does have a rich and decorated history of sending receivers to the NFL. Some of these players include the likes of Joey Kent, Willie Gault, Robert Meachem, Peerless Price, Alvin Harper, Donte Stallworth, Denarius Moore, Marcus Nash, and Cordarrelle Patterson. 

In terms of the current crop on the UT roster, there’s yet to be a breakout star for Josh Dobbs to toss the rock to. It will be fascinating to see whether one of these young — but talented — pass-catchers can develop into an NFL prospect. 

What do you think…is Tennessee the true "Wide Receiver U?"