Tennessee’s Joshua Dobbs throws 2nd TD to narrow gap

Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Joshua Dobbs is leading a comeback with his second touchdown pass of the game.

At halftime it looked like the Tennessee Volunteers were headed to their 12th straight loss to the Florida Gators, but not so much anymore. The Volunteers got a touchdown on a 23-yard pass from Joshua Dobbs to a wide open Jalen Hurd and it looked like momentum was swinging.

Now, it has officially swung.

The Volunteers followed that score up with a three-and-out and a touchdown pass from Dobbs to Ethan Wolf.

The Volunteers are still four points shy of the Gators, but momentum is clearly on their side. When they walked off the field before the half, the crowd was booing them relentlessly.

Now, two touchdowns has them right back in the game and on the cusp of potentially winning and the crowd is still deafening, only in a positive way.

Neyland Stadium is a live.

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