Tennessee Football: Vols QB Josh Dobbs Has Scholarship Named in His Honor

A UT Volunteers alumni chapter has named a scholarship in former Tennessee Football quarterback Joshua Dobbs’s honor, adding to his legacy.

From drawing a crowd at the Senior Bowl to a standing ovation at a Tennessee basketball game to now this, Tennessee football fans just can’t let Joshua Dobbs go.

To be fair, based on his article in the Players’ Tribune last week, Dobbs can’t let go of Tennessee football either. But that’s probably because of how much the fans love him.

The former Vols quarterback, who just finished up his college career in Knoxville, now has a scholarship named in his honor.

According to Rhiannon Potkey of the Knoxville News Sentinel, the North Atlanta Alumni Chapter is naming its scholarship in honor of Dobbs.

The scholarship will be called the R. Joshua Dobbs Scholarship, which will help out students in the North Atlanta area going to Tennessee.

Chapter board member Chris Ideker, who is from Dobbs’s hometown of Alpharetta, Ga., explained the decision.

“We had never named it after anybody, but Josh impressed us so much throughout his career that somebody on the board suggested it. We thought it was a no-brainer because of all Josh has meant to the university on and off the field.”

The chapter is trying to raise the $25,000 required to endow the scholarship.

Also, the board wants his family to set the criteria for whom the scholarship would go to each year, according to the reports.

Dobbs joins former Vols like Peyton Manning to have a scholarship named in his honor at Tennessee.

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