Tennessee fan embraces being mistaken as a Clemson football fan.

It started out as a Happy Birthday gesture in support of the Tennessee Vols, and then the video made an appearance on ESPN’s College Football Live but in support of another orange clad team 194 miles away.

Josh and Taylor Nelson are married and are Knoxville, TN residents who are big time Tennessee Volunteers fans. While waiting at a red light on Taylor’s birthday, the couple noticed something on a tractor trailer and decided to have a little fun with a baby wipe.

I talked to Taylor about her video, and she shared her feelings about the upcoming championship game between Clemson and Alabama.

So you see “Roll Tide” on the back of the truck. Who decided that it was a sight for sore eyes and something had to be done?

Taylor: I was raised to love the Vols and to hate Bama, so for me it’s just natural. It was my birthday, and we were going out to lunch. I told Josh that I shouldn’t have to be subjected to that crap on my birthday (totally joking…ok a little bit joking), and he sprung into action!

Do you know that you have been mistaken for Clemson football fans?

Taylor: My best friends’ brother sent me the video right after it was on college football live, so I did see that we were mistaken for Clemson fans. On Monday we are Clemson fans, so I couldn’t be too upset! (but at the end of the day, GO VOLS!)

Why do you think people got confused?

Taylor: I’m sure with the relevance of the big game anyone who is against Bama could be confused for a Clemson fan!

Are you surprised by all the attention that the video has received?

Taylor: I am very surprised at the attention! We love to have fun and do silly things and this was a pretty typical thing for Josh to do, haha! I’m glad to see all the comments supporting the Bama bashing!

No support for the SEC in the championship game?

Taylor: I am NOT supporting BAMA/ the SEC in the title game. I just can’t bring myself to cheer for Bama.

Have you received any backlash from Alabama fans? 

Taylor: Honestly, I haven’t read through many comments, so I’m not sure about the bashing! I would enjoy the back and forth, if it did happen though! I love talking smack about football!!

Since you have apparently been adopted by the Clemson fans, what message would you like to send to them before the big game?

Taylor: I am honored to be an adopted Clemson fan, and I hope y’all whoop Bama on Monday!! I’m happy to support another orange blooded team for the big game! GO TIGERS!!

How special has that Bday gift become?

Taylor: This has been the best birthday ever! It probably can’t be beat!


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