TCU hides player in end zone, passes back to him on trick play

Trick plays are simply the best.

Week 3 gave us the Arkansas State’s ‘Fainting Goat,’ which didn’t quite work out as planned, but damn was it fun.

Now, TCU has given us something even better.

During the 25th-ranked Horned Frogs’ Saturday matchup with No. 4 Oklahoma, TCU literally tried to hide a player in the end zone, having him lie down in inside the "O" of "Horned Frogs." He’s circled in the tweet below:

The Horned Frogs returned the ball down the right side, but then suddenly, out of nowhere, heaved the ball back across the field where our sneaky pal BJ Catalon caught it and gained more ground.

What’s best about this trick play is that it nearly worked –€“ turns out a holding penalty took off a few yards.

But seriously, how creative was this?