Syracuse Football: First trimester analysis for the Orange

We are already a third of the season for the Syracuse football team. So lets give our report card through the first quarter of the season.

The Syracuse football team ended the first third of the season with a record of 2-2. So that bodes the question of, where do we go from here?

As I have previously, I will not talk about the Colgate game in any detail.  We won this game and we should have.

To predict the future you have to look at the past and learn from it. In the Orange’s first four games they won the games they should have won, lost the game they were overmatched and let one get away.

Now I may be the only Cuse fan that was encouraged by the game at Louisville. So how can you be positive after a 62-28 loss? Well flashes of a few years down the road came out and our quick strike offense put a top ten team on their heels during the first half. Yes they scored 28 in the first quarter but I like to remember that in the last few minutes of the second quarter the score was 28-21 against a team that will probably be playing in the college football playoffs.

I also felt vindicated when this same team that we pushed hard for the first half of our game took Florida State to the wood shed. Scores of 35-10 at the half and 49-10 by the end of the third quarter. Unlike the Orange, the Seminoles were out of this one right after the coin toss.

We let South Florida slip away. This is where the flaw in Dino’s plan was revealed. When South Florida tightened up on their defense we stuck to our wild west gunslinger mentality. Unfortunately we were the fastest team to 3 and out in the west and let USF put 28 on us in the second quarter and by then it was all over (3 points in 3 quarters will not get it done).

Connecticut is an example of winning a game that we should. We jumped out clicking on all cylinders in the first quarter marching up and down the field at will and then our run and gun ran out of bullets and we limped to victory never able to put Connecticut away. However a win is a win and we need all we can get.

So you’re asking yourself what does this portend for the future? As you watched this season you are probably with me when I say I have no idea. Which team will show up? Will we win the games that we should?  Will we steal one?  My prediction for the remainder of the season is 6-6.  We will win against Wake Forest, Boston College, NC State (maybe) and Pittsburgh. We will lose the games that everyone expects us too: Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Clemson. And spoiler alert, you heard it here first, Syracuse will beat Florida State. That will be the “skin” in Dino’s first year with the Orange. Which’ll result in a final record for the year of 7-5!

Keep watching and Go Orange!

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