Super Bowl 51: Alabama Football Stars Shine in Patriots Super Bowl Win

New England brought home a win, Dont’a Hightower brought home a second Super Bowl ring and Alabama Football stars shined in the Patriots 34-28 Super Bowl 51 victory.

In Super Bowl 51 Dont’a Hightower did what Dont’a Hightower does – sack quarterbacks. The game had its share of big moments from big Alabama Football names but the biggest came from the built by Bama hitman when he sacked Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Matt Ryan in the 4th quarter causing a turnover and a turn of events for the Patriots.

The final 34-28 score doesn’t tell the whole story. The Falcons were ahead 21-0 at one point and the world was already celebrating on the burning empire of Patriots Football when Dont’a made his big play. The only score that counts is the final score though and it came on a 2 yard run from New England’s James White in overtime.

Julio Jones and Courtney UpShaw may have lost but they looked good doing it. Atlanta’s Courtney Upshaw had a sack on Tom Brady in the first quarter and Julio Jones….well…

Julio Jones is not human. He led the Falcons in receiving with 4 for 87 yards but every one of those receptions were epic.

In addition to those 87 yards Julio was a workhorse blocking and demanding the attention of two or more defenders all night. That freed up the rest of the Falcon offense to shred the Patriots in the first half. Unfortunately for the Falcons and our hero Julio, games don’t end in the first half.

They end when Dont’a Hightower gets in your backfield.

The only thing more costly than Hightower in your backfield is Hightower in your refrigerator. He’s a big guy and he made a big play here for the Patriots.

Cyrus Jones was one of 7 players that the Patriots had inactive for the Super Bowl. Cyrus will also be one of a small number to ever go from playing on a College Football National Championship team to an Super Bowl Championship team.  The other Alabama Football names on that short list include Derrick Lassic and Courtney UpShaw.

Whether you’re a Falcon’s Fan or a Patriot at heart, Super Bowl 51 was a great recruiting tool for Alabama Football and I think we can all agree that’s what counts. Roll Tide.

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