State of Michigan mangles Rutgers to the tune of 127-0


No state is happier to see Rutgers in the Big Ten than Michigan.

The Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans combined to pummel the State School of New Jersey to the tune of 127-0 in 2016.

Michigan State tacked on a 49-0 pounding of the Scarlet Knights on Saturday to go with Michigan's 78-0 shellacking on Oct. 8.

Michigan is undefeated, so that type of rout was expected. Michigan State, however, came into the game 2-7 and 0-6 in conference play and was on a seven-losing streak.

In 120 minutes of football, Rutgers (2-8, 0-7) managed a grand total of 45 — 45!!! — passing yards on a combined 8-of-36. The Scarlet Knights had more penalty yardage in each game, 40 and 50 respectively, than they did through the air in the contests.

There was improvement against the Spartans as Rutgers went from averaging 0.3 yards per pass attempt to 2.2.

The Wolverines and Spartans rolled up 758 yards rushing. Overall, the total yardage damage was 1,043-183, and it likely could have been worse as Michigan State went scoreless in the final quarter opposed to Michigan tacking on 21 points.

There was one bright spot for fans of the Scarlet Knights: The Michigan State game was played in East Lansing as opposed to the Michigan contest, which was a home game.





Dave Reginek/Getty Images