Stanford hit the top of the uprights with a field goal

Some how Stanford’s kicker doinked a field goal off the top of the uprights against Notre Dame.

College field goal kickers are incredibly more exciting than their NFL counter parts. Wider hashmarks mean different angles the professionals don’t have to deal with. They’re also not the cream of the crops like the professionals.

That leads to craziness like what we saw in the Notre Dame game against Stanford, something I’m not sure we’ve ever seen before. Stanford’s kicker Conrad Ukropina was attempting a field goal, and had the distance comfortably but his aim was just a little off.

But instead of going wide or even hitting the upright, hit the very top of the upright where the flags are attached.

Seriously, how do you even do that. You should get extra points for doing this. How many kickers could do this if they tried?

Notre Dame isn’t having the best of seasons, and they desperately need a win. At the same time, Stanford isn’t contending and having a phenomenal season either with a 3-2 record. That being said, they do not want to drop to .500 by losing to 2-4 Notre Dame.

It will be interesting to watch how two desperate teams fight for the victory in this game, and whether or not this field goal miss has an impact on the game.

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