South Florida Football: Adrian Palmore arrested for credit card fraud

Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it”s just that Florida can get weird. Whatever the reason, the offseason has been nothing but trouble for some South Florida football players.

Between University of Florida players getting cited for drugs and USF players getting arrested for sexual assault, it has not been a great year for Florida football. Last week, another University of South Florida football player was arrested — this time for credit card fraud.

Adrian Palmore is a walk-on tight end for the USF Bulls. He was arrested last week in Temple Terrace, a suburb of Tampa. According to the police report, Palmore was arrested shortly after 6:30 p.m. last Monday at an IHOP in Temple Terrace. He ordered food from the establishment and then attempted to pay for it with a stolen credit card. Unfortunately, the owner of the card had already reported it stolen, so the bank already had contacted the restaurant.

Palmore at first tried to claim that the card had been given to him by a friend, and then later changed his story to state that he had discovered the card at school. He was hungry, so instead of turning it in, he decided to use it. He was hungry? That excuse does not make it OK.

Palmore was summarily arrested and charged with petit theft and credit card fraud. He was released on $750 bail. USF has not released a statement whether they will release Palmore from the team, but it seems pretty minor compared to some of the hooliganism perpetuated by other members of the South Florida team. Senior DB Hassan Childs was arrested in March for assault and drug possession charges, and DE LaDarrius Jackson was charged with sexual assault in May. Both players have since been dismissed from the team.

Let’s hope that USF gets itself together before the season starts, or they aren’t going to have many players left.

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