Senator Harry Reid takes shot at USC

Nevada senator Harry Reid has been in national politics since the 80s. Has been the senate majority leader since 2007 and on Monday he was fielding questions from an audience at the Center for American Progress.

The point is, Reid is a career politician making a political appearance, which means he’s a guy trying to come off as likable and smart. And his strategy for that was to take two unprovoked shots at the USC football team.

After fielding a question from someone who identified himself as USC student, Reid fired shot No. 1.

"I hope you have a better football team than last year," he said." That was a disaster."

USC went 7-6 last season after beginning the year No. 1, which Reid saw as proof "you can’t buy college football players."

So taking cheap shots at USC has gotten too popular it’s a political safety zone. It’s a quick way to connect with an audience, because who doesn’t remember what a crap year USC had last season?