Seahawks’ Pete Carroll doesn’t rule out scrimmage with Washington Huskies


After the College Football Playoff Selection Committee revealed the Washington Huskies (12-1) on Sunday as the fourth and final team in the dance, Huskies head coach Chris Petersen was overjoyed, obviously, but also mindful of the major challenge ahead as whopping 16.5-point semifinals underdogs to the undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide.

Petersen quipped on Sunday:

Maybe the idea is not completely far-fetched. From his days in the college ranks, Carroll probably appreciates the experiential boost that Huskies players would gain from taking the field with the professionals.

During an interview on Monday with ESPN 710 Seattle's  “Brock and Salk,” Carroll responded to the idea: “Our boys will be ready for them. You wanna bring them out here?” he said, “Come on, bring ’em over here, Coach.”

A full-fledged scrimmage will never happen for a variety of reasons include a possible/probable NCAA violation of some kind, but a walkthrough of some kind seems within the realm of possibility as the Huskies have about three-and-a-half weeks to prepare for Bama. And speaking of Alabama, here's how Carroll assessed Washington's chances against the heavy favorite (transcription courtesy Football Scoop):

“I don’t think you should think that they’re out of their league at all. Alabama’s a great team and has great coaches and they’ve got a great program, but this (Huskies) team is well balanced and they’re able to take on a lot. They won’t be surprised by the style of offense. They’re gonna see a really, tough, strong, physical defense, it’s gonna be hard for them in that regard, but they have a lot of stuff that they can do, a lot of places they can go with this thing, so it’s going to be a heck of a match-up.”