Samajie Grants family and teammates seek support following tragic loss

Arizona Football wide receiver and running back Samajie Grant always gives the University of Arizona 150% of his heart and soul. He and his family are reaching out for help at a difficult time.

Samajie Grant has overcome adversity in his life before losing his mom at a young age to a sudden passing. His deep devotion of his mom has been a source of motivation and inspiration from the time he lost her until today. Tragedy hit Grant again just as he is finishing up his senior year at Arizona and preparing for a professional football career.

Last Tuesday, his grandmother’s sister Rosalind Pitchford, 53, from Rialto, California, also passed suddenly in a hit and run in Fontana, California. On Wednesday, investigators identified the hit and run suspect as 20-year-old Jesus Orozco, the driver of the 2001 silver Honda Accord that struck Rosalind as a pedestrian.

Unimaginable honestly, quite inconceivable.

The family needs $7,000 to lay Great Auntie Rosalind to rest, they have raised about $1,500 so far. Samajie took to social media to ask for help, and he wants to, “Send my Aunty out the right way.”

“She was very fun energetic, kept a smile on everyone’s face. The biggest jokester ever, loving,” said Samajie, “She loved to help people being that she spent most of her life being a registered nurse. She definitely loved me, aha, more than everybody, and I was her ‘Hercules!’”

Here is a message from Aunty Ross’s daughter, Samajie’s cousin, from their page:

“Tuesday, January 10th, my mom was fatally hit by a hit a run driver. She died on the scene due to her injuries causing her heart to stop. My mom left behind 3 children, sisters, and brothers, nieces, nephews etc. All money will be going to her funeral expenses, please donate! Anything helps.”

With all Grant has had to endure in life, he never gives up.

Both Grant’s teammate Nate Phillips and former teammate and Arizona Cardinals linebacker Scooby Wright III helped out their friend by also asking for aid for the family.

At Zona Zealots, our hearts go out to our beloved Samajie Grant and his family, may Auntie Rosalind rest in peace and watch over our Wildcat Hercules!

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