Moses Webb’s once-in-a-career play

If you have ever let down friends, family, co-workers or teammates, you know that impulse that shoots through your body. You want to take it back, right the wrong, and you want to do it immediately.

You see this happen in basketball all the time, when a big man misses a layup, then commits a foul trying to strip the ball from the rebounder.

Rarely does someone get to redeem himself as immediately and completely as Sacred Heart wide receiver Moses Webb did Saturday against Monmouth, when he caught a pass, fumbled, ran down the defender, stripped the ball, recovered it and then returned that fumble for a touchdown.


The official book recorded that as a 51-yard fumble return for Moses, but that hardly says it.

What a thrilling relief that must have been. And Sacred Heart got the win, 24-21.

"I talk to (the) kids all the time about playing hard for 60 minutes," coach Mark Nofri told the Connecticut Post. "Hard hat-type kids, workman-like kids.

"Obviously the kid to my right (Webb at the press table) demonstrated that today when he fumbled the ball on the way for a touchdown, turned around and stripped the ball, recovered the fumble and turned it back into a touchdown. That’s the character of the type of kids we like here and who our team is made up of."

Said Webb: "Like coach said finishing the game — we played for 60 minutes, not just 30. I slipped up, fumbled the ball … and I had to make up for myself."