What went wrong with Rutgers’ passing game against Ohio State?

Chris Laviano had a rough night against Ohio State.
Matt Kryger/Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers entered its matchup with Ohio State as one of the most efficient passing teams in the Big Ten. 

The Scarlet Knights still rank No. 1 in the league in pass efficiency, but that is no thanks to their showing against the Buckeyes. 

Before reserve quarterback Hayden Rettig came in and completed 3 of 7 passes for 72 yards and a touchdown against mostly Ohio State reserves, starter Chris Laviano was 10 for 20 for 117 yards with an interception and no touchdowns. 

“I don't think it was one of Chris's better performances, and I don't think Chris got a lot of help,” Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood said after the game. “As you guys have heard me say before, when we don't run the ball effectively, it makes the third downs very uphill. When the third downs get very uphill, it's hard on every quarterback. One of eight in the first half pretty much sums that up.”
The Scarlet Knights ran for 104 yards on 29 attempts, totals that also reflect a pair of sacks of Laviano that lost 19 yards. 

“Chris will be better for it,” Flood said. “We'll get better. We'll learn from this. But Chris isn't the only one that's got to play better. There are a lot of guys that are out there that have to play better.” 

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