Robb Smith Says Differences with Bret Bielema is Why He Resigned

According to, Robb Smith said in his resignation letter that disagreements with Bret Bielema are why he left.

In an article on, the contents of Robb Smith’s resignation letter were released. In his letter, he cites “philosophical differences with coach Bielema” as his reason for his departure.

Smith received a lot of scrutiny during the season. I was included in being critical of his performance at Arkansas and I later said that there could very well be a situation where Bret Bielema is having more of a hand in the defensive failures than previously thought. It appears that this is indeed the case.

“In reviewing this season we obviously didn’t meet our internal expectations on defense. To be perfectly clear, as defensive coordinator I take full responsibility for the results of the defense. In discussing solutions with Coach Bielema it has become clear we have philosophical differences on how to get better results. Given our differences, it seems in the best interest of everyone involved that I move on. I am grateful to Coach B for the opportunity he gave me and on behalf of my family want to say thanks to the many Rrazorback fans that supported and befriended us along the way.”

Fans Have A Reason To Worry

The revelations here should make fans a bit nervous heading into the 2017 season and wary of a repeat of the situation with new defensive coordinator, Paul Rhoads. It is clear now that Bielema made the final call that got the recent results and problems with the Razorback defense.

Robb Smith took the same job at Minnesota and former secondary coach, Paul Rhoads has been promoted to DC. Rhoads had success at Pitt as the defensive coordinator and also at Auburn. I hope Bielema has learned from his mistakes and handles things differently with Rhoads. Do you think Bielema has learned from this and will allow Rhoads to do his job?

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