Reuben Foster Explains Why He Left The Field

Reuben Foster left the field towards the end of the 4th quarter, but it wasn’t an ejection, the Alabama coaches just wanted him to cool off.

You could see that some of the tactics being used by the Washington players on offense were getting to the Alabama players. To make matters more frustrating the refs were obviously in over their head. This was the same crew of refs that messed up the end of the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. Boy it was good of the Big 10 to send their worst crew to the playoff wasn’t it?

Here’s Reuben Foster explaining what was going on and why he left the field.

I agree with everything Foster is saying, there obviously were some pretty bad calls and some big missed calls. Foster is also probably right about characterizing some of the things Washington did as cheap shots.

On the other hand you can’t complain about the refs like this publicly and I hope this doesn’t make matters worse for Foster. You wouldn’t think Saban and the other Alabama coaches would be thrilled with having to send someone to the locker room.

In the end it doesn’t matter. Washington probably did get away with too much tonight and the refs were particularly bad, but Alabama won the game anyway. There won’t be Big 10 refs next week, those refs will be coming from the Big 12… so get ready for a lot of pass interference calls y’all!

Also in case you missed it be sure to check out the meltdown fans are having about Alabama’s win on Twitter, it’s hilarious.

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