Report: FSU looking at conference options

Florida State officials are forming an exploratory committee to look at possibly leaving the ACC, the Palm Peach Post reported Wednesday.

According to the report, the university hopes to have the committee set up by next week.

"We are going to explore the conferences, what’s going on and make sure if anything does happen at Florida State that we are ready," said attorney Andy Haggard, chairman of the university’s board of trustees.

Haggard said the university has been discussing realignment options for some time, but will now take the formal step of doing so in a committee.

Many observers believe college football could move to four 16-team conferences once Texas A&M’s jump from the Big 12 to the SEC is finalized. The SEC has accepted A&M as its 13th member, but only on the condition that all Big 12 schools agree not to take legal action to block the move.

Baylor, however, has so far refused to waive its right to sue.

Reports surfaced last month that the SEC was considering Florida State, and several other schools, as its possible 14th member. Haggard said the SEC has never approached Florida State and maintained that the school is "very happy" as a member of the ACC.

The Palm Beach Post reported in mid-August that Florida State had been talking to the SEC for months.

The prospect of a seismic shift in the college football landscape has grown this week with reports that Oklahoma will seek to join the Pac-12 if Texas A&M departs.

Texas and Oklahoma State are considered likely to make the same decision, though the Pac-12 has maintained it is not looking into expanding.