Report: Ex-Rutgers football player accuses coordinator of bullying

Former Rutgers defensive back Jevon Tyree and his parents are seeking disciplinary action against Scarlet Knights defensive coordinator Dave Cohen, accusing him of bullying the 19-year-old, the Tyrees told

The family is alleging that Cohen berated Tyree during a spring study hall session, using vulgar language and threatening to head-butt him. Tyree, who left the team Nov. 6, said the incident occurred in front of approximately 10 teammates and a tutor. Tyree says the incident eventually drove him to quit the team.

Clarice Tyree, Jevon’s mom, told the website it was “an outright bullying episode” and her husband Mark said the treatment “transferred to the other coaches.” Jevon said that his standing on the team was directly impacted from the incident, affecting his practice reps and playing time.

"I really think disciplinary action should happen, almost to the point where (Cohen) should get fired. I really do," Mark Tyree told "That’s how bad it is, especially for the damage he’s done to Jevon."

Rutgers said in a statement released Friday night that Cohen apologized the next day for “his participation in the escalation of the banter” and that head coach Kyle Flood admonished him. The school added that “at no time was there any threat of physical violence, which was verified by an academic counselor, who was present in the room.”

According to the statement, Flood met with Tyree and his parents and athletic director Julie Hermann met with Tyree’s father and “confirmed the matter was resolved to his satisfaction.” Tyree’s parents confirm that they met with Cohen and Flood but refute Hermann’s claims that she met with Tyree’s father, who said that he has been unable to meet with Hermann despite numerous attempts.

This incident allegedly occurred just seven months after the school’s men’s basketball coach Mike Rice was fired for bullying his players.