Ramey Auto Group Supports Bluefield College Football


College issued the following news



College received a boost to its new

football program, Monday, October

11, in the form of a Founders-level gift to the Rams

Football Booster Club from the Ramey

Auto Group, a longtime supporter of community athletics.

Expressing their support and excitement for


football in Bluefield,

representatives of the Ramey Auto Group — Jimmy Ramey, Jr., Robert

Ramey, Jonathan Sheets, Brandon Sheets, Mark Brewster and Tammie

Lucas — presented a $5,000 check to Bluefield

College officials, making Ramey the

45th member of the Rams

Football Booster Club since the

school announced the return of the sport in June of this year.

“This is a great way for us to give back to the community, since

the community gives so much to us,” said Jimmy Ramey. “We’re always

trying to support local sports programs, and this (

football) is an exciting

opportunity at Bluefield

College. It will give local kids

the opportunity to participate in


football when otherwise they would

not have been able to.”


College formally announced the

return of

football this summer after an

extensive four-year-long feasibility study and a tremendous show of

support from alumni and friends. The school will begin club play in

the sport next fall and intercollegiate action in the fall of 2012,

some 70 years after the last gridiron team.

“We’re always looking for ways to support the community,

particularly community sports programs,” said Robert Ramey. “We

support Little League and high school sports, so we figured why not

college sports. We think

football is an exciting opportunity

for Bluefield

College, and we wanted to be a part

of it.”

Shortly after announcing the return of

football, Bluefield

College hired Mike Gravier, a coach

with a history of launching new

football programs and a track

record of developing players both on and off the field, to revive

the sport.

“It’s encouraging to see prominent members of the community,

like the Ramey Auto Group, not only excited about the renewal of


football program, but willing to

step forward and assist us in its development,” said Coach


The Ramey Auto Group represents eight auto dealerships and

service centers and hundreds of employees from from Princeton and

Beckley, West Virginia, to Tazewell and Richlands, Virginia, to

Johnson City, Tennessee.

“We’re so excited to have the Ramey Auto Group support Bluefield


football,” said Ruth Blankenship,

BC’s vice president for advancement. “They have been extremely

generous to provide financial resources to athletic programs in the

community, and now we’re glad they are part of the athletic program

at Bluefield

College as a Founders-level member

of the

Football Booster Club.”

Forty-five BC supporters have joined the Rams

Football Booster Club since its

inception this year, including 14 members who are considered

Founders with a gift of at least $5,000. The

Football Booster Club is designed

to provide the

college with the funds it will need

to field a team beginning next fall.

“This is something Mr. (Jimmy) Ramey (Sr.) wanted to do,” said

Jonathan Sheets about the Ramey Auto Group’s gift to BC

football. “We have a lot of

employees and a lot of his family that graduated from Bluefield

College, and we just feel really

fortunate to contribute to a program like this. Any type of

athletics, from pee-wee

football to collegiate

football, we’re just happy to be

part of it.”

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