Poll: Most Fans Want Brady, Pats to Lose Super Bowl

Football fans will be in front of the television on Sunday to watch the Super Bowl. Most won’t care much about the final score but they do hope Tom Brady gets beat.

Public Policy Polling’s survey shows that although Americans are divided about a lot of things, there’s one thing they can come together on: wanting the Patriots to lose the Super Bowl, according to the firm’s web site.

The poll found that among football fans nationwide, 53% are rooting for the Falcons to win on Sunday, compared to only 27% who are pulling for the Patriots.

Among Republicans (58/23), Democrats (54/27), and independents (47/31) all give their support to the Falcons in pretty similar numbers, according to the poll.

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The Falcons have a very positive overall image as a team- 55% of fans see them favorably to 19% with an unfavorable view. Meanwhile attitudes toward the Patriots are considerably more divided, with 43% seeing them positively and 42% negatively.

To get an idea of the extent to which Tom Brady is a lightning rod, he won the poll for favorite Quarterback in the league.

He also won the poll for least favorite Quarterback in the league.

Brady has never been my favorite. It is amazing what he’s accomplished as a pro.  He had trouble earning the starting job at the University of Michigan. Brian Griese was more consistent.

Brady cashed in since he arrived in New England.

On the favorite QB front Brady gets 22% to 16% for Aaron Rodgers.  Kansas State fans were hoping Rodgers and Jordy Nelson were playing in Sunday’s game.

11%  had Eli Manning as their top QB and an impressive 10% picked Dak Prescott in his first year in the league.

Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson each get 9%. Matt Ryan at 7%, Tim Tebow at 6%, and Cam Newton at 2%.

Among least favorite QBs
Brady gets 24% to 15% for Newton, 10% each for Roethlisberger and Tebow, 8% for Rodgers, 6% for Manning, 4% for Prescott, and 2% each for Ryan and Wilson.
Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan’s overall favorability is 51/10, while Tom Brady’s is 46/39.
The Patriots are the most hated team in the NFL, an ‘honor’ they’ve taken away from the Cowboys ever since Deflategate.

21% of fans say the Pats are their least favorite team to 19% for the Cowboys, and 12% for the Bears with the Packers at 8%, the Giants and Steelers at 7%, the Broncos and Seahawks at 5%, and the Falcons at 3%.

There is one good piece of information for the Patriots in this poll though, and it’s probably the most important piece- 52% of fans think the Patriots will win on Sunday, to only 36% who think the Falcons will take home the Super Bowl trophy.

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