Police: No link between long-missing DA, Sandusky

The man investigating the 2005 disappearance of a central

Pennsylvania prosecutor doesn’t believe it is linked to the

prosecutor’s 1998 decision to not file child-sex charges against

former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Still, Bellefonte police Det. Matthew Rickard tells The

Associated Press he’ll review how Centre County District Attorney

Ray Gricar (GREE’-kar) handled the 1998 allegations – just to be


With the case back in the spotlight because of the Penn State

child sex-abuse scandal, Rickard says he knows of nothing linking

Gricar’s April 2005 disappearance to the prosecutor’s earlier

investigation of Sandusky. Sandusky is charged by state prosecutors

with molesting the alleged 1998 victim and seven other boys.

Earlier this year, a judge declared Gricar dead, at the request

of Gricar’s daughter.